Climate is not just about the planet

It’s about us

No matter where you live, things have changed.

Based on what they see around them, 83% of Americans say the planet is getting warmer. Unprecedented heat, drought, and wildfires are harming our lakes, croplands, and forests. Storms
and floods threaten our cities, towns, and way of life.

It's all costing us more than just money.

An opportunity

A responsibility

America tackles the great challenges.

We innovate and collaborate. We move forward with new strengths toward a brighter future. Climate change is our biggest challenge yet. We can solve climate change in ways that make America a safer, healthier, and more prosperous nation.

America is ready, now, to act.

We can do it

We all want to protect what we love and prepare for the future.

Solving climate change is within our grasp. Our only obstacle is the past. We have the knowledge, we have the tools; we just need to invest in our future. We all know we can do it.

The solution starts with US.

What we do and say at the local community level can have profound effects at a national level, from the legislation we advocate and enact, to the prayers we offer, to the energy choices we make.

Rev. Anita Schell-Lambert

The moment
is now

The truth is, America is already leading on climate change.

We have reclaimed global competitiveness in batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines. We are reducing pollution even as our economy grows. It's not technology that's holding us back.

  • We are the answer.
  • It’s our decision.
  • It’s our turn.
  • It’s our time.
  • the moment is us

  • moment Faith

  • moment Health

  • moment Higher Education

  • moment Communities

  • moment Business

  • moment Stewardship

  • moment Conservation

  • moment Climate

Millions of people and thousands of organizations are looking for answers. They want effective ways to help America move forward to prepare for and help prevent climate change.

  • What can one person do?

  • What can one organization do?

  • What can one community do?

  • What can one nation do?

Seize the Moment

Make a commitment to act.

Our choices, our values, and our actions influence everyone around us. From wherever you're standing, you can lead America forward. Bring your voice to the table. Learn and share. Lead and collaborate. Climate change isn't only for environmentalists to solve. It is going to take all of us.

All of us can be effective leaders on climate change.

You can lead

Americans seek guidance from leaders like you who represent their values and connect with their daily lives. MomentUs helps inspire and empower Americans on climate solutions — where they...






Empowering People and Organizations

Building Collective Action

MomentUs offers a new way of supporting people and organizations who want to lead on climate solutions.

MomentUs provides information, resources, and a forum to empower collaboration, action, and connection with the full representation of the American people.

  1. Develops and supports a broad network of individual and institutional leadership from the faith, health, business, community, higher education, humanitarian, and conservation sectors in independent and collective efforts to engage their stakeholders and the public in climate solutions.
  2. Builds the capabilities and enhances the effectiveness of climate solutions advocacy with research emphasizing solutions-oriented, actionable knowledge that informs programs and communications.
  3. Facilitates development of climate solutions based on shared values to coalesce the movement, engage and empower Americans, and effectively address the problem.
  4. Makes the connections between the impacts and opportunities of climate change in ways that activate economic, political, and social forces in proactive work on solutions and shifts the national discussion toward immediate relevancy and action.
  5. Helps to build a values majority of support for effective action on climate that leads to national, state and local institutional, individual, and public policy action.


Let’s create a better future
for all of us, today

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    Climate change is a civil and human rights issue that will take all of us—all religions, all colors, all walks of life—to solve. It is a righteous cause with a moral responsibility.

    Rev. Gerald Durley
    MomentUs Faith Leadership Circle